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Mood of the Nation Poll

Our Mood of the Nation poll offers a unique approach to public opinion polling. It allows Americans to speak in their own words through open-ended questions that focus on emotions like anger and hope, as well as commitment to constitutional principles.

Kaepernick, Kavanaugh, and Mueller join Trump as most polarizing figures - October 3, 2018


Republicans no longer trust the FBI - February 20, 2018

“The FBI is full of people who are more concerned with [their] agenda than protecting the American people.”

Americans divided on wedding services conflicts - November 30, 2017

“No one should be forced to participate in something that violates their religious beliefs.”

Americans think shorter terms might improve the Supreme Court - September 19, 2017

"A small group of people shouldn't have a lifetime of power, because they can easily become corrupted and bought."

Traditional polling forces citizens to place themselves into set categories, even on issues in which they are uninformed and uninterested. 

The Mood of the Nation poll gives citizens a series of open-ended questions, allowing them to answer in their own words—saying what is on their minds, what is important to them, and thereby providing a unique window on contemporary American politics. 

Read more about how the poll was conducted and the team that makes it happen.