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Birkle Student Engagement Award

This award recognizes students who help toadvance the Center’s mission of promoting democratic deliberation.

Nancy and Joseph Birkle Student Engagement Award

The Center for Democratic Deliberation annually recognizes students who help toadvance the Center’s mission of promoting democratic deliberation. This award was created, through the generosity of Gretchen A. Birkle (’86), to honor graduate and undergraduate students in the College of Liberal Arts who have made significant efforts to enhance the state of civic engagement and public discourse concerning important issues.

Eligibility: A nominee must be either an undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled in the College of the Liberal Arts at University Park. Nominations of individuals who participate in programs or activities supported by the CDD are especially encouraged.

Selection Criteria

Nominees may be recognized for working to enhance public awareness of important issues, helping to shape ongoing public discussions in novel and constructive ways, or upholding high standards of public deliberation in their own speaking and writing.Nominees’ contributions may originate as classroom exercises, service-learning assignments, academic research, or internship projects. Whatever their academic origin, nominees’ contributions should be designed to engage audiences beyond the classroom in order to make credible contributions to the public good.

Application Process

Nominees should complete a nomination form, which includes information about the nominee and a brief essay in which the nominee describes their contributions to democratic deliberation; and 3) a letter of support from a faculty member or community leader attesting to the nominee’s contributions to democratic deliberation.

All materials must be submitted to Center for Democratic Deliberation Director .

Selection Procedure

Recipients of this award will be notified by the Director of the CDD. The Office of Student Aid, which is responsible for ensuring compliance with regulations concerning federal, state, and other aid in accordance with University policy regarding academic scholarships under University control, will be informed of all awards.

In addition to a monetary prize, honorees will receive a plaque commemorating their achievement. Award recipients may be nominated in subsequent years based on new or continuing contributions to democratic deliberation.

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