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Midterms 2018 Election Guide

This short guide will help you make a plan to vote on Election Day. It first explains in brief why your vote matters.

By Ryan Murray
Filippelli Institute for e-Education and Outreach
Penn State College of the Liberal Arts

This short guide will help you make a plan to vote on Election Day. It first explains in brief why your vote matters.

Why Vote?

Your representatives in government make many decisions that affect you, including how funds are utilized at the national, state, and local levels. Some of these funds support public colleges and their students.

Of course, voting isn’t only about dollars and cents. People often have personal reasons for voting the way that they do. They look for representatives whose actions will reflect their values.

To learn about the individual candidates on the ballot, you can do any of the following:

  • Use a resource like BallotReadyBallotpedia, or VoteSmartto research detailed, nonpartisan information on each candidate’s profiles and positions.
  • Read local news articles about the candidates.
  • Watch debates and forums involving the candidates.
  • Review candidates’ websites.

When and Where to Vote

You can vote at your polling place any time from 7 a.m. to 8  p.m. on Tuesday, November 6. Choose the most convenient time for you. Just be aware that the morning and evening are the busiest times at the polling places.

Your polling place depends on where you live. Students who live in a residential hall on campus will vote at the HUB. If you are unsure about where to vote, go to the following webpage: Find Your Polling Place.

If you don't drive and your polling place is not in walking distance, there are a few other ways to get there:

  • Carpool: Gather a few roommates or friends and ride together.
  • Bus: Check the routes and schedules at CATABUS. The fare for an off-campus bus is $2 for a one-way trip (and an additional $2 to return).
  • Uber or Lyft: Both of these taxi services are offering discounts on Election Day. See the Uber Newsroomand Lyft Blog.

What to Bring

When you vote at a polling place for the first time, you need to show an ID such as a Pennsylvania driver's license or your Penn State ID card. See the full list of approved forms of ID at the following webpage: Voter ID for First Time Voters.