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Preliminary Data from DNC protesters

This preliminary data is from research our team conducted just yesterday! It is not only really interesting it is hours old.  We are lucky to be able to share these results. 

On Monday, our first day outside of the Democratic National Convention, we surveyed a number of events spread between City Hall/ Dilworth Park and the Wells Fargo Center, including Capitolo Park, Marconi Park, and FDR Park.  These events included:

  1. Occupy the DNC Convention      
  2. The Migrant Rights March on the DNC   
  3. Bernie Sander's march        
  4. Equality Coalition March on the DNC  
  5. Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign  

Compared to the rallies and protests at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, events were much bigger and much more varied. We estimate approximately 5000-10,000 people turned out across the city for an event on Monday. This constitutes 10-20 x the number of people outside the RNC. 

In our first day surveying people we talked to 223 individuals over the course of the day.  Response rates were very high; 87% agreed to complete the survey.  

Preliminary results

Data has not been cleaned and so results are very preliminary, but here is a sense of what people were telling us on the streets on Monday.

First, people outside the convention were largely focused on issues of money and corruption in politics.  Racism and racial inequality, which was a large theme in Cleveland at the RNC, was less prevalent as a theme.

Despite the media emphasis on a Dump Trump movement at Cleveland, the people participating in events outside the DNC are much more focused on changing the party’s nominee (at least those participating on Monday).   

One of the outstanding questions today will be whether what occurred inside the convention last night influences today’s events, since there are a number of scheduled events today.