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Layli Miron

Layli Miron

Center for Democratic Deliberation Dissertation Fellow

203 Burrowes Building


  1. Ph.D., English (Rhetoric), Penn State University, anticipated 2020
  2. M.A., English (Rhetoric), Penn State University, 2017
  3. B.A., English, summa cum laude, Mount Holyoke College, 2013


Layli Miron is a doctoral candidate in the Department of English at Penn State. Her areas of research include rhetorics of immigration and religion as well as writing pedagogy. Overall, she is interested in how civic discourse can contribute to transnational and intercultural cooperation. To that end, her dissertation, “Reframing Immigration through Religious Advocacy: Rhetoric, Cosmopolitanism, and the Divine,”looks at how religious communities advocate for immigrants. Today, loud voices call for (re)bordering the nation. Given that this resurgent nativism threatens to drown out secular cosmopolitanism, her project asks, “What resources can religious rhetoric provide to pro-immigrant arguments in the contemporary United States?” She examines Bahá’í, Catholic, and Islamic organizations as case studies, revealing how appeals to spiritual tenets and sacred histories can persuade audiences to build a more hospitable society.