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Morrgan Herlihy

Morrgan Herlihy

Mood of the Nation Poll Research Assistant
Eleanor Roosevelt Scholar

314 Pond Lab


Bachelor of Science, Political Science The Pennsylvania State University, 2020


Morrgan is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Political Science, with a focus in American Politics and Political Methodology. In 2020, she received a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Pennsylvania State University . Morrgan studies state legislatures, examining how intra and interparty organizations within these legislatures form, collapse, affect policymaking, and influence polarization. Currently, her scholarship explores legislators’ motivations to alter voting laws following the 2020 General Election. Additionally, she is working on a project that investigates how caucuses address collective action problems and bill passage in state legislatures. Outside of state legislatures, she is also interested in election polling methodology and the influence of state judicial elections on public perceptions of judicial independence.