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In The News

In The News

Connecting with the public through the media is a key component of our outreach efforts.

Media Mentions

Our faculty are often featured as experts in the news stories about democracy and American politics:

U.S. News and World Report: Biden leans on Pennsylvania as campaign season goes full throttle

Marketplace: Americans not feeling very hopeful about 2022

State of Belief: Vaccine refusal is immoral and un-American

The National Interest: Progressives took major losses in Coronavirus Relief Bill

The Conversation

The Conversation is an independent source of news and views from the academic and research community, delivered direct to the public. The organization’s motto is “academic rigor, journalistic flair.” Michael Berkman, Christopher Beem, and other McCourtney Institute faculty regularly contribute articles to the site, which are republished in media outlets around the world:

Why virtue signaling isn’t the same as virtue — and strengthens the partisan divide

Why refusing the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t just immoral — it’s un-American

Joe Biden, Abraham Lincoln, and democratic charity

Wisconsin GOP’s power grab is a danger to democracy