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Events Archive

Events Archive

The McCourtney Institute has hosted speakers including Jamelle Bouie, David Frum, and Carol Anderson. Recordings of our previous lectures are available on this page, starting with the most recent events.

Spring 2024

V Spehar: TikTok News and Politics

Fall 2023

Jonathan Rauch, Staying real: The War on Truth and How to Win It

2023 Brown Democracy Medal Ceremony: Nasrin Sotoudeh

Spring 2023

peniel e. joseph: the third reconstruction

Barbara F. Walter: How Civil Wars Start

Fall 2022

Jamelle Bouie: Why the Founding Fathers Still Matter

Rhiana Gunn-Wright: Climate Change is Everyone's Fight−Including Yours!

2022 Brown democracy medal ceremony: States United Democracy Center

Spring 2022

robert kagan: our constitutional crisis is already here

peter pomerantsev: this is not propoganda

peter pomerantsev: russian propoganda in war-torn ukraine

Fall 2021

andrew yang and charlie dent on the future of america's political parties

carol anderson: one person, no vote

2021 brown democracy medal ceremony

Spring 2021

danielle allen: our common purpose

anne applebaum: twilight of democracy

Donna Shalala: The Future of the Democratic Party

Fall 2020

Matt Taibbi: Hate Inc., Why Today's Media Makes Us Despise One Another

Spring 2020

Frances E. Lee: The Limits of Party: Congress and Lawmaking in a Polarized Era

Fall 2019

Abe Khan: The Renaissance of the Activist Athlete

Andrew Sullivan: American Democracy in the Age of Trump

2019 brown democracy medal ceremony: Irish Citizens Assembly Project

Spring 2019

E.J. Dionne: Protecting Free Expression by Making America Empathetic Again

Jonathan Haidt: The Three Terrible Ideas Weakening Gen Z and Damaging Universities and Democracies

Spring 2018

Daniel Ziblatt: How Democracies Die