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Center for Democratic Deliberation

Founded in 2006, the CDD is a nonpartisan, interdisciplinary center for research on issues of rhetorical education, democratic deliberation, and forms of dissent. The CDD is one of two Centers of Excellence supported by the McCourtney Institute for Democracy. Together with the Center for American Political Responsiveness, the CDD produces high-quality research and programming designed to engage and improve the condition of American democracy.

A healthy democracy depends on three basic requirements: (1) an engaged citizenry equipped with knowledge and strong communicative abilities; (2) a culture of vibrant, informed deliberation, where citizens discuss, debate, and make collective decisions on matters of public importance, and (3) a deep understanding of dissent in all its various forms, including those that stimulate dialogue and those that foreclose it. Our initiatives seek to create stronger habits of engagement through civic education, and through research on deliberation and dissent in a democracy